I love self-hosting software. Next to this Lemmy server, I host 10 other Fediverse servers. And of course a lot of tools I use for myself or work.

Deciding between Kubernetes or Docker Swarm
Hi all! I have a couple of months to create and deploy a small cluster for running docker containers. The cluster will consist of 3 master nodes and some workers. When it is ready, it will consist of about 15 servers. I have little experience with Docker (managing some containers on my home server), I have spent the last 4 or 5 weeks studying and testing with Kubernetes and I think it's a little overkill for what it's going to take. You run the risk of adding unnecessary complexity. I am seeing that instead Docker Swarm seems easier to set up and manage. To consider that I will be on my own to manage it. What do you think? Thanks!

VPS to bypass CGNAT
I have T-Mobile wifi (Really great btw for $30 with my plan) but it has the big dumb cgnat. I have a plex server and you can't stream remotely with it. I had an Oracle VPS but after my trial ran out they decided they wanted to delete it with no warning. I was using a wireguard vpn connected to my vps with Plex ports to bypass it. Right now oracle is out of instances for me to use so I thought I could see if there are any better alternatives. I am using this GitHub script to do it I am wondering if anybody knows of a good VPS that I could use. I don't necessarily mind paying for it but I would like it to be relatively cheap if not free. If it matters at all I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with DietPi running my plex server. I haven't tried this but would it be possible to set up my VPN using wireguard on my pi and have plex point towards that? I had Mullvad but since they are getting rid of port forwarding I got TorGuard (blah blah USA company, I know). Also wondering if there are better VPNs that I could use for... Downloading... Stuff The guide has digital ocean and AWS Lightrail also but im not sure which one would be best and less likely to delete my account. I would prefer to use a VPN that I already pay for but im just not all too sure on how to go about that Edit: Ended up using rack nerd. Got their 4tb monthly vps for $14 a year. Perfect for me

[SOLVED] Selfhosted or alternative privacy driven google calendar?
Hi everybody ! While I really like the simple and sleek google calendar web GUI and functionalities, I'm more and more concerned about my data and privacy. Even if I have nothing to hide, I don't agree anymore to sell freely and consciously my data to any GAFAM. Has anyone any alternative to google calendar? - Free and if possible, open source? It can have some discret sponsors/ads. As long as it isn't to intrusive. - Todoist integration - Sync between devices - GUI doesn't have to be PERFECT, but a bare minimum for my candy eyes ! - Can be API, Web... doesn't matter as long as it syncs between devices (android, mac, windows, linux) I already searched through the web, but couldn't find any conclusive alternative, maybe someone knows some hidden gem :) Thank you ! --- **EDIT**: The solution and compromise: **nextcloud**. It took me some times (2days) to set it up correctly and make it work as intended. - Android calendar sync with DAVx5 - Calendar notification on android's native calendar app - 2way sync between Android calendar and nextcloud calendar - push notification on nextcloud web browser A few things too keep in mind: 1 — if you build your nextcloud instance with docker-compose: - cron jobs don't work out of the box and documentation is not straightforward - [Github issue 1695]( - [docker-compose with cronjobs]( - [Nextcloud doc about background jobs]( 2 — Android permissions to sync with your calendar - DAVx5 mentions how to allow syncing seemingly - It's different for every android phone - Battery power mode - Work in the background - ... 3 — It won't work with todoist - Todoist is proprietary and won't work with DAVx5 and next cloud - alternative: **jtx board!** (build by the same devs as DAVx5 seems to work similarly) **Conclusion:** Nextcloud isn't as good as the cloud sync provided by google/todoist and every other GAFAM cloud instance. It has his quirks and need some attention to make it work as intended. It take some times, reading and tinkering but those are compromises I'm willing to take :)

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Welcome to ! - What do you selfhost?
Hello everyone! Mods here 😊 Tell us, what services do you selfhost? Extra points for selfhosted hardware infrastructure. Feel free to take it as a chance to present yourself to the community! 🦎

Adding allowed instances
I recently spun up my own lemmy instance and was wondering if I had to manually add other lemmy instances to the 'Allowed Instances' admin field, or if they are added automatically when someone searches for a lemmy instance?

Selfhosting behind VPN?
I have played around with yunohost and other similar tools. I know how to open ports on router, configure port forwarding. I am also interested on hosting my own stuff for experiments, but I also have a VPN enabled for privacy reasons on my router at all times. If you haven't guessed already, I am very reserved on revealing my home IP for selfhosting, as contradictory as it sounds. I am aware that it's better to rent a VPS, not to mention the dynamic IP issues, but here it goes: assuming my VPN provider permits port forwarding, is it possible to selfhost anything from behind a VPN, including the virtual machine running all the necessary softwares? edit: title edit2: I just realized my VPN provider is discontinuing port forwarding next month. Why?!

NixOS and Lemmy
Anyone with experience using NixOS to create a Lemmy instance, please share any caveats and troubleshooting tips you have.

Best self-hosted photos?
I am gradually moving everything to self hosted, and I want to move away from Google Photos. I currently have Nextcloud and sync seems to mostly work, but the default interface seems a bit lacking. I have tried a few things a while ago (~6 months), but things seem to change quickly. At the moment, I quite like Nextcloud Memories. It has a similar interface to Google Photos and seems to have relatively quick photo caching, and integrates well with nextcloud. However it doesn’t have a real app and lacks of offline viewing so haven’t fully transistioned yet. What are you using for your photos and why?

Issues with lemmy docker-compose?
Hey, does anyone else have issues running a lemmy instance with docker compose? I cant get it to work. I followed the guide on the wiki step by step to no avail.. Edit: This is my error message with the docker-compose config as provided by the guide: ![]( Then I tried to remove the logging bits, I get this error: ![]( Then I started over and pulled the github repository and edited the files in the docker subfolder and I get this error: ![]( I give up 🙂

Do you use anything to organise info about your services?
So I've discovered that after a while, it get a bit messy to keep track of all the passwords, API keys, which services are connected to which databases and such. Do you use anything to organise all the info? I'm using Bitwarden for passwords that have a webui and Notesnook for other stuff, but it feels kinda clunky.

What does your infrastructure look like?
In the [What are YOU self-hosting?]( thread, there are a lot of people here who are self-hosting a huge number of applications, but there's not a lot of discussion of the platform these things run on. What does your self-hosted infrastructure look like? Here are some examples of more detailed questions, but I'm sure there are plenty more topics that would be interesting: * What hardware do you run on? Or do you use a data center/cloud? * Do you use containers or plain packages? * Orchestration tools like K8s or Docker Swarm? * How do you handle logs? * How about updates? * Do you have any monitoring tools you love? * Etc. I'm starting to put together the beginning of my own homelab, and I'll definitely be starting small but I'm interested to hear what other people have done with their setups.

Looking to purchase UPS
Hi All, Apologies if this is in the wrong community. I'm looking to get a UPS for my home server. It runs Homeassistant, Plex, and a few other things. I mainly need something to protect from power flickers/blips, and for it to allow a proper shutdown for prolonged power outages. Here is the power useage on all my devices: - Server: **350w** - NAS: **90w** - Router: **42w** Any info on what to look for or which model to buy would be greatly appreciated.

Interested in setting up an instance with a spare laptop
I have a spare laptop running Linux Mint. I would like to try running my own instance and sharing it with a few users to help out and for the experience. Below are the specs. Do you think it will be powerful enough, and if so, how many users would it be able to handle? I could restrict uploading of media if that would make a considerable impact. Dell Inspiron 15-5000 CPU: Intel Core i5-5200U, 2 cores, 4 threads RAM: 8GB Storage: SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB

Two routers - one exit point?
Hi, for various reasons i have two routers. (In fact, one is a FritzBox hosting various SmartHome stuff, another is a Speedport from Telekom Germany, that also does the Internet Connection) The WiFi on the FritzBox is also a lot better and right now i don't have any need to get anything better (all that matters has Rj45 anyway). This however also is an issue, because i can't easily host something. I have however a Hetzern Server as well and i have tried some zerotier, but i have failed to set it up correctly. Is there an easier way or has anyone something like an How-To for this that works? Thanks :)

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Virtual NAS
Okay I saw this posted a lot and apparently it is pretty common but why do people virtualize your nas in for example a proxmox server/cluster. If that goes down it gets super hard to get your data back than if you do it bare Metal, doesn't it? Are people only doing it so save on seperate devices or are my concerns unreasonable?

Should I host my own instance if I don’t intend to run a community?
Is there any benefit to host my own instance?

[SOLVED] Why is my Lemmy instance not finding other instances’ communities?
Edit: YOOOOOOOO YOU CAN EDIT TITLES HERE Anyway, you have to first **search** for the community in the format `!whatever@where.ever`. It doesn't show up the first time but if you mash Enter for a while it will... Also, this FAQ linked by is pretty helpful and covers some of the pitfalls of being the first (or only!) person in an instance to subscribe to a community: Edit 2: Found requesting better support for discovering federated communities. Please consider upvoting that issue if you have a github account and think it would be helpful! ---- I made myself a lemmy: You may notice I am not writing to you from said lemmy... because is a 404. In fact, though it appears to have federated itself with [a bunch of other servers](, it only appears to be able to see [two communities]( These were among the first few communities I tried to access ( didn't work but those two did) - since adding those two, I haven't been able to see any others, even on where the first two were. Is this normal? Do I just need to be more patient and it'll figure it out on its own, or is there some switch I need to flip to make it do the thing? (Apologies if this is obvious to those who understand the fediverse but I have no idea what I'm doing)

One Small step, a giant leap for Fediverse but…
Day 2 here, and I can see the growth already. Personally I really like the notion of how its gonna shape up in the future but at the same time I really feel for the average user as of now its too complex to understand the working and how the cross servers thing is working. I mean yes still early days, UI will improve further leading to a better UX but the core mechanism yet is little tough to get along. For instance, still unclear if I made the right choice by signing up on lemmydotworld why not lemmydotml , beehaw etc.... and where does this stop? like in the coming times i it would be like a thousands of servers lemmy.this lemmy.that lemmy.etc or anything.anything. That's soo confusing for someone who just wanna join a server. Would be interesting to see how "signup anywhere, its the same thing" evolves.

Self Hosted ebook server?
I've got readarr up and running, now I need a front end. What do y'all prefer and why?

Are there any gotchyas to running a Lemmy Instance?
I stood up a Yunohost and installed Mastodon a few months back. I had issues with storage and exponential growth as a result of federating with other instances. It was just too much work keeping the storage at a minimal level for a single user instance, so I ditched it. Is there anything like that I need to consider before I try my hand at Lemmy?

Best Providers for hosting a Lemmy Instance?
Over the next week or so I'm sure a lot of people are going to try spinning up Lemmy instances - I've certainly been looking at it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a VPS provider / resource allocation? From what I have read, it sounds like you're going to want a host that focuses on storage / bandwidth (at least if you are allowing image upload), but maybe those of you already operating an instance have a different opinion?

Understanding proxies
Hey all, So I've been playing with Nginx so that I can reference my self hosted services internally by hostname rather than by IP and port. I set some custom entries in my pihole, setup the proxies on Nxing, and boom. All is working as expected. I can access Jellyfin via jellyfin.homelab, amp via amp.homelab, etc. I wanted to have all of these internally facing, because I don't really have a need for them outside of my network, and really just wanted the convenience of referencing them. Question 1) If I wanted to add SSL certs to my made up `homelab` domain, how hard would that be? Question 2) When accessing something like Jellyfin via jellyfin.homelab, all traffic is then going through my nginx VM, correct? Or is Nginx just acting as a sort of lookup which passes on the correct IP and port information?

Which to host for a single user instance: lemmy or kbin (or others)?
what is better for single user instance, or maybe something small like under 10 users (no communities)? which is lighter on resources? how much storage should I allocate? any alternatives to lemmy and kbin that are still somewhat similar?

Cannot reach one specific IPv6 from one specific network
My home ISP does CGNAT for IPv4, but provides native IPv6. I can use IPv6 just fine to access most of my resources, except for one specific server. I can access the server over IPv4 from my home network, and either over v4 or v6 from other networks I've tried. But I can't access it over IPv6 from my home network. What could be the problem here? Where do I begin to diagnose it

What are YOU self-hosting?
A simple question to this community, what are you self-hosting? It's probably fun to hear from each-other what services we are running. Please mention at least the service (e.g. e-mail) and the software (e.g. postfix). Extra bonus points for also mentioning the OS and/or hardware (e.g. Linux Distribution, raspberry pi, etc) you are running on.

Raspberry Pi alternatives for headless self hosted applications
Since rpis have been almost impossible to find, I've been looking around for alternatives for some local self hosted services like home assistant. A lot of boards seem to talk about GPU, GPIO pins, etc. But I really just want a single board, fanless (low power), decent CPU and RAM, ethernet. Any recommendations?

Does Anyone Host a Discord Alternative? Like a Matrix/Synapse Server?
As r/selfhosted seems to have shutdown due to the reddit api changes (rip), I wanted to see if anyone has worked with these services before? How do they compare to Discord and how hard is it to maintain, as the setup looks pretty in depth for matrix and synapse. How did you convince your user base to use it over Discord. I've hosted TS3 for about 8 years and are looking for alternatives, as we have to use Discord for screen sharing. Thanks!

Are all these thousands of lemmy servers useless?
Correct me if I'm wrong. I read ActivityPub standards and dug a little into lemmy sources to understand how federation works. And I'm a bit disappointed. Every server just has a cache and the ability to fetch something from another known server. So if you start your own instance, there is no profit for the whole network until you have a significant piece of auditory (e.g. private instances or servers with no users). Are there any "balancers" to utilize these empty instances? Should we promote (or create in the first place) a way how to passively help lemmy with such fast growth?

I put this together at the weekend and it got some interest on the selfhosting subreddit in its final day :) I've been following efforts to create a clone of the RARBG website, but I figured it made more sense to self host a lightweight Torznab API that can leverage the already excellent Servarr stack. Hope someone finds it useful!

Useful links
[Self hosted software awesome list]( [Self hosted sysadmins awesome list](

Lemmy docker container?
Right now it looks like you can only run lemmy in docker-compose, is there work on an official container?

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Who wants to moderate SelfHosted community?
Looking for help with moderation, I have my hands full administering this server ;-) Requirements: - Need to have read and agree with the rules ( - Need a little bit of time to keep an eye here

What modern solutions are there similar to dyndns?
Hi, started self hosting quite a few things and would like a domain to use for when I'm out and about instead of having to remember what my IP is currently. What are the newest providers of services that can accomplish this?

After I’m Gone Backup Solution
Recently I have decided that the backup solution I have been using is far too complex for my family to figure out when I die. I began writing documentation on how they can access photos, videos, documents and so on. In that process I thought, I gotta make this simple. I’m thinking of just having two 10TB drives in RAID 1 on my desktop that get backed up to Backblaze via restic. Backblaze and similar cloud storage providers can send you a copy of your data for recovery. I think I can sufficiently document this process. Has anyone else come up with a similar process?

Downsides of self hosting fediverse from homelab / locally?
I am wanting to self host a fediverse instance. I don't hope to make it big. Hoping for 200 users at most, and I won't advertise it heavily so it'll probably be a while before it gets there. Is it a bad idea to host something like this on local hardware at home? I have a lot of local-only self hosted services, and I wouldn't want those to be compromised. But my biggest fear is overloading my network. I already don't get the fastest signal in some parts of my house, and I am worried the extra traffic might put more pressure on the network. What are your thoughts on hosting local? Should I just avoid the headache and host on public instance?

Jellyfin Volume Normalization
I've poked around online and it seems like Jellyfin had (music) volume normalization added to it sometime recently. However, I'm struggling to *verify* that it's enabled/working. Is it something I have to enable or is it on by default? If it's on shouldn't I be able to see something like a LUFS or ReplyGain value in each song's metadata? UPDATE: I'm not familiar with Jellyfin's git strategy, but it seems like even though the audio normalization has made it into the `master` branch it has NOT made it into the `10.8.z` release tag/branch. I determined this by looking for the changes in `Emby.Server.Implementations/Data/SqliteItemRepository.cs` from the normalization PR in the current version of the file in `10.8.z` and they were not present.

Do you run a private CA? Could you tell me about your certificate setup if you do?
Hi, I was looking at private CAs since I don't want to pay for a domain to use in my homelab. What is everyone using for their private CA? I've been looking at plain OpenSSL with some automation scripts but would like more ideas. Also, if you have multiple reverse-proxy instances, how do you distribute domain-specific signed certificates to them? I'm not planning to use a wildcard, and would like to rotate certificates often. Thanks! --- Edit: thank you for everyone who commented! I would like to say that I recognise the technical difficulty in getting such a setup working compared to a simple certbot setup to Let's Encrypt, but it's a personal choice that I have made.

I’ve tried ownCloud.
Hey there! I just wanted to share a bit about my experience as a hobbyist and self-hosting enthusiast. While I may not be the most educated on the topic, I've been able to self-host my favorite services to avoid relying on big companies like Google and Amazon. A few years ago, I started my self-hosting journey with Nextcloud, and it completely blew my mind. Finally, I didn't have to rely on Google Drive anymore! However, I quickly realized that using a Raspberry Pi made things a bit sluggish. I tried upgrading to a more powerful machine. Still slow. I then tried with an i5-4460, but it was still slow and buggy. I even tried an i3-10100, and it was still a bit of a pain to use. It seems like many others feel the same frustration, so I know I'm not alone. I often wonder how some other people claim they have no issues with Nextcloud, but hey, good for them! Because of the tinkering it seems to need, I feel like I don't have enough time and knowledge to make Nextcloud work as smoothly as I'd like, which defeats the purpose of self-hosting it. That's why I've been exploring other options. I gave Seafile a shot, but couldn't figure out how to solve a "CSRF verification failed" error. Projectsend and Xbackbone are great, but they don't quite match what I'm looking for. I also tried Cloudreve, but I wasn't a fan of its sorting philosophy. I did find Picoshare, which I stuck with, but for a totally different purpose. Then, I tried ownCloud for the first time. Wow, it was fast! Uploading an 8GB folder took just 3 minutes compared to the 25 minutes it took with Nextcloud. Plus, everything was lightning quick on the same machine. I really loved using it. Unfortunately, there's currently a [vulnerability affecting it](, which led me to uninstall it. I also gave OCIS a try, and it felt even faster. The interface was smooth and fluid, it was truly impressive. However, with the recent news of it [becoming part of Kiteworks](, I'm a bit unsure about its future. I can't help but wonder why so many people have been raving about Nextcloud all these years when ownCloud performs so well right out of the box. I'd love to hear about your experience and the services you use. Share your thoughts!

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