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Anytype - An open-source Notion alternative.

org-mode/org-roam in Emacs, on Orgzly mobile, synchronization via git.

  • nb sync git.
  • Markor it’s all synchronized through all sorts of Nextcloud`s, Syncthing and a small personal Wikipedia is always with you.

I just use Kindle for my calibre/calibre-web stack, all within the KOReader app)

Can automate anything you want, a website or wiki use it to roll out any new changes automatically and others use it to test their software. Connects to Gitea/Forgejo as a third party application and requires that it be granted the appropriate permissions in the Settings -> Applications column.

I have used Gogs and Gitea in the past, now Forgejo is a fork of Gitea with Woodpecker-CI

You can install Vaultwarden instead of Bitwarden. Differences between Vaultwarden and Bitwarden by reference.

I use the Miniflux standalone podcast reader with Wallabag and submit selected articles to Wallabag for later reading. I also use the Newsboat CLI client which can sync with Miniflux installations as an alternative to the web interface it’s comfortable.