Useful apps to self-host

I am setting up my NAS right now, and I need some suggestions for apps that I can run on my NAS or self-host.

  • I have seen some online articles, but they are too confusing because they list too many apps for each category.

  • I want backup apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. (It would be great if they could back up automatically).

  • I want to sync my calendars and contacts.

  • I want to download media like TV shows and movies. (And music, too). “Of course, only legal obtained from the internet cough.”

  • I want apps that let me access my data from anywhere.

  • I saw this cool thing where you could use a Raspberry Pi to access your NAS bios from your PC.

Os - Unraid

Among my must-have selfhosting items, in no particular order, I can recommend:

  • Portainer, to keep track of what’s going on.
  • Nginx Proxy Manager, to ensure https with valid certificate to those services I want to have available from the outside.
  • Pihole, of course.
  • Gitea, to store my coding stuff.
  • Paperless-ngx, to store every paper in my life.
  • Immich, an amazingly good replacement for Google Photos.

You should try PhotoPrism, it’s amazing. All great picks BTW. Gittea had GH Actions compatible runners now!

I have tried Photoprism but was not as impressed by it as Immich.

We aware that Immich breaks one week and then the other week too

Sorry but that’s not true. I have been running Immich for a long time now, and it is solid and stable.

A recent update had a change in the Docker configuration, and if you didn’t know that and just blindly upgraded, it would still run and show a helpful explanation. That’s amazing service.

What is a long time? I’ve been running it more than a year, and the number of times it broke and the amount of time I had to invest into its quite high. You may be lucky, or I may be unlucky, but I’m just explaining my experience

100% agree on you list. I’d also throw in some file management solution, such as filebrowser, NFS/samba or syncthing.

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