feat(server,web): libraries by etnoy · Pull Request #3124 · immich-app/immich
This PR adds libraries which is an effective and easy-to-use implementation of syncing existing files. This is the most-requested feature of immich, see #7, #34, #541, #1006, every reddit thread et...

The most requested feature for Immich has just been implemented by this guy!

Now using Immich makes much more sense since you’ll be able to sync with Immich your existing photo galleries!


Is anyone using this? It looks great, but that disclaimer everywhere saying you shouldn’t use it concerns me.

If you use it, what is your experience?


I’m using this since last week and it works great so far. I only have one issue where some photos in my timeline are incorrectly placed at a wrong date, but this is a known issue and should be fixed soon.

Benn using it a few months, works like a charm!

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