I’m trying to better understand hosting a Lemmy Instance. Lurking discussions it seems like some people are hosting from the Cloud or VPS. My understanding is that it’s better to futureproof by running your own home server so that you have the data and the top most control of hardware, software etc. My understanding is that by hosting an instance via Cloud or VPS you are offloading the data / information to a 3rd party.

Are people actually running their own actual self-hosted servers from home? Do you have any recommended guides on running a Lemmy Instance?


Do you have any recommended resources for getting started? I do have a secondary PC…

The simple way is to Google ‘yunohost’ and install that on your spare machine, then just play around with what that offers.

If you want, you could also dive deeper by installing Linux (e.g.Ubuntu), then installing Docker, then spin up Portainer as your first container.

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