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Replace laptop fan with passive cooling
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/12079904 > I'm using old laptop as a home server. > But the cooling fan started to click a lot, and I'm afraid that it will stop spinning soon. > Any ideas for how to replace the fan with something else? Preferably something that does not require electricity? > I'm thinking about dismantling it, taking the fan out and soldering a big block of metal to the heatsink. > How bad of an idea is that? > Is anyone aware of any other ways of physically converting laptop into something that is more suitable for home server? > Know of any guides or videos about something related? Please post links. > Thank you

I am aware of those two, but those are just for file storage. I was thinking something more general. Like having a Virtual Private Server, that people can extend with their donated resources. VPS can be used for more than just file storage. It can do processing as well.

Something like BOINC but for hosting
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/5768010 > You know [BOINC](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkeley_Open_Infrastructure_for_Network_Computing), the thing where you can donate your processing power to specific computational projects? > Is there anything like that, but for hosting platforms / services? > Something where you could say "I am willing to dedicate this much of my CPU, RAM and storage space to this project or this group of people". > Say that I have a server that is more or less collecting dust, and I want to make it do something productive. > I am aware of YUNOHost and alternatives, but that still requires me to choose which things to deploy and also somehow then offer that to the community. > As a certified lazy dude, I would much rather say "here's the computer, use it for whatever you need the most". > The issue I see with this is that my goodwill could be abused for hosting something inappropriate or even illegal, and then I would be held responsible. So there should be some transparency requirement or some other mechanism that helps prevents this. > > And yes, self-hosting would not be the accurate term to describe this kind of distributed resource sharing. "croud-sourced self-hosting"? "crowd-hosting" sounds like a good description for this phenomenon. > Some implementation of this probably already exists. > Please provide any relevant names or links that would help me find more about this.

[Project] Nextcloud Hub 5
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/1235039 > https://nextcloud.com/blog/introducing-hub-5-first-to-deliver-self-hosted-ai-powered-digital-workspace/